Kathryn J. Lanthorn-Cárdenas, CFMHE, EdD, LMHC

Dr. Lanthorn-Cárdenas is a certified forensic mental health evaluator.  She is certified by the National Board of Forensic Evaluators (NBFE) which is recognized by the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) and the American Counseling Association (ACA).  She provides forensic mental health evaluations requested by attorneys, courts, individuals and organizations.  Dr. Lanthorn-Cárdenas provides mental health expert witness testimony in a variety of types of cases.

Kathy Lanthorn-Cárdenas, EdD, is a licensed mental health counselor.  She is a child mental health specialist, a minority mental health specialist (Latino) and she is LIST Certified in Spanish.  Dr. Lanthorn-Cárdenas offers family, child, individual and couples counseling on a limited basis.